How to Customize Your Plexus Metal Canopy

How to Customize Your Plexus Metal Canopy

plexus metal canopy

Read on to discover the ways in which you can customize your Plexus Metal Canopy while getting the high degree of quality and performance you expect from Datum.

Custom shade structures add value to any business, and if you are in the market for a shade solution, you have likely thought at length about what you want your shade structure to look like. Have you been shopping around to find the commercial metal shade structure of your dreams? Look no further! The Plexus Metal Canopy by Datum offers a high degree of customization and works well with the look of any commercial property. You can mix and match colors, body types, and levels of shade protection to create the perfect shade structure for your business. Read on to discover the ways in which you can customize your Plexus Metal Canopy while getting the high degree of quality and performance you expect from Datum.

1. Color

Each Plexus Metal Canopy is coated with a polyester powder that meets the performance requirements of the AAMA 2604 specification. Not only does this add durability to the finish of your canopy, it also gives you the opportunity to pick from a wide selection of colors to customize your final product. Premium coatings are also available. If you choose to customize your Plexus with a fabric body, there are even more colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a shade structure that is bold or neutral, Datum has a wide range of material colors to help you put your business’s best foot forward.

2. Body Type

The aluminum body of the Plexus Metal Canopy can be fabricated in many different fashions, including louvers, grates, and full-coverage designs. Fabric is an option for certain parts of the body to provide shade and a pop of color. Regardless of the custom options chosen, the Plexus is made of high-quality aluminum and is supported by aluminum bar outriggers. As with all Datum shade structures, the custom Plexus Metal Canopy is fabricated according to your project’s specifications. We can create a shade structure that is tailored to your measurements.

3. Shade & Weather Protection

Because of the different body types, the Plexus Metal Canopy can be customized to provide any level of shade from partial to full. Louvers and grates give partial shade while solid designs provide full sun and weather protection. The cantilevered design of all Plexus Canopies allows rain to flow off easily.

About Datum’s Plexus Metal Canopy

Datum’s Plexus shade structures are made from high quality welded aluminum that is welded, not mechanically screwed. Its outriggers are made from high strength 6061-T6511 aluminum flat bars which mount to walls with 6061-T6 aluminum angle. The outriggers are bolted to the angle with three 3/8″x2″ 18-8 stainless steel hex bolts. Datum is dedicated to finding the right custom shade structure for you and your business. Explore our website to discover more about Plexus Metal Canopies and other shade structures.


Datum Wholesale Shade Structures are fully welded for superior construction and shipped pre-assembled for fast and simple installation. At Datum, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. At Datum, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial shade structures in the country. Please give us a call at 954-541-9745. You can also follow Datum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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