Bahama & Colonial Shutters

These can be custom fabricated for a range of uses, from sun protection with an aesthetic appeal, to impact rated hurricane protection.

Bahama shutters provide shade from sun, while at the same time allowing you to view the landscape, and maintain some privacy, while inside your home. Colonial shutters are perfect for adding style and curb appeal to your structure, while creating an unobstructed view when open. With two options, decorative or Impact rated, these shutters are perfect for adding a tropical, attractive aesthetic to any building.


Bahama shutters are hinged at the top, with telescoping arms and brackets, adding a unique method for controlling how much light and air comes into a room. These shutters easily adjust to the position you prefer – completely open, partially open, or fully closed. Once fully lowered, the shutter is simply latched closed for storm protection. Colonial shutters are hinged on the side and are mounted to either side of your window. Like Bahama shutters, they are simply closed before a storm with a latch and or locking bar. Each component of the shutters is painted in a durable powder coat finish, ensuring corrosion will never be an issue. Datum’s Bahama shutters arrive fully assembled approximately 4-6 weeks after order confirmation.


Datum’s Bahama shutters are crafted from high strength 6063-T6 aluminum. Each shutter is meticulously assembled at all points and then powder coated with a multi-step process that conforms to AAMA #2604 specifications, to ensure long lasting strength and durability, even in the harshest conditions. Datum offers powder coating available in ten standard colors, with the option for customizing colors as well. Each order is custom made, so regardless of window size or building color, we can create something that will fulfill your needs.




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