Sunbrella: A Revolution In Shade Fabrics

Sunbrella: A Revolution In Shade Fabrics

Sunbrella: A Revolution In Shade Fabrics

The Sunbrella Contour has revolutionized shade fabrics as we know them.

Are you interested in a hybrid shade structure for your commercial building or space? The Sunbrella Contour has revolutionized shade fabrics as we know them. In addition to its visually appealing style, this shade fabric delivers ultimate UV protection, color uniformity, and long-lasting performance. This textured shade fabric features rich colors with a patent-pending construction. It offers optimal light transmission, as it filters light while still allowing water to pass through it. The Sunbrella Contour hybrid structure will complement any space or building where shade is desired.

What It Can Be Used For

The Sunbrella Contour is a great addition to our metal shade structures.  Incorporating Sunbrella fabric into our Aegis, Plexus and Shade Trellis metal structures creates a hybrid canopy that provides a soft, pleasing aesthetic appearance, while offering fully functional shade to the areas below.  In addition, through unique design capabilities, adding fabric to metal shade structures will add color, facilitate brand refreshing, add curb appeal and enhance the experience from underneath the canopy. If you want to add the aesthetic beauty of fabric to your business, this is an excellent option for you!

Easy To Clean

Cleaning and maintenance of your shade fabric is easy, as your Sunbrella is easily cleaned with a simple solution of soapy water and a sponge. With quick and easy cleanings in between seasons, you can keep your Sunbrella Contour clean and presentable as a part of your storefront. After you are done washing the shade fabric, be sure to rinse it thoroughly to avoid marks from the soap solution. Tough stains may require more scrubbing for removal, but regular maintenance should be enough to keep your fabric clean throughout the year.

10-Year Warranty

The Sunbrella Contour comes with a 10-year warranty which protects against the loss of strength or color from normal usage and natural exposure to the elements.

Colors Available

The Sunbrella Contour is available in a 120” width and fifteen colors which include:
















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