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Commercial and Industrial Uses for Flat Metal Canopies in Wisconsin

Although businesses like restaurants, hotels, and shops often have some of the cutest shade structures, they are by no means the only businesses that utilize awnings. Commercial and industrial facilities often feature flat metal canopies for practical reasons. These flat metal canopies can serve a multitude of functions, and durability and polished appearances are key. […]

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Choosing a Hanger Rod Awning to Withstand Winter Weather in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a unique state with incredibly diverse geography and climate ranges. America’s Dairyland is home to booming manufacturing and agricultural sectors, with tourism also producing a significant portion of the state’s revenue. Even more famous than Wisconsin’s industry is its reputation for snow — areas in the so-called “snowbelt” can see an average of […]

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Combining Superior Metal Fabrication and Aesthetics for Wisconsin Businesses

When Wisconsin business owners invest in facility improvements, they must weigh all of their options carefully. Choosing which metal awning manufacturer to work with can be a daunting task, but the exemplary craftsmanship of Datum’s commercial awnings makes the decision easy. Datum’s canopies are expertly crafted to combine top-of-the-line metal fabrication with the flexible design […]

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