Commercial Uses for Custom Shade Structures

Commercial Uses for Custom Shade Structures

Custom Shade Structures

Custom shade structures can have a number of uses in a variety of commercial settings.

What steps have you taken this year to ensure that your business is having its best year yet?  Adding a shade structure to your facility, regardless of type, can help you blast through your summer sales goals and attract new and returning customers alike. Depending on your industry, adding a shade structure can give you a number of various benefits, number one of which is added space. When you have that extra shaded and protected space, you can make use of it in a variety of ways. From adding seating for events and restaurants, to more space to showcase your goods – a new Datum shade structure will help your business bloom.

Schools and Childcare Centers

During the spring, summer, and even early fall, your young clients would love to spend more time outdoors, but the weather doesn’t always permit this. When you add a shade structure, you’ll have a safe, protected, and cool space to use for lunches, playtime, and even for parent drop-off and pickup!

Bars and Restaurants

Who doesn’t love eating outdoors when the weather is beautiful? Have you ever noticed that some websites even have search features that let you look at restaurants with outdoor seating? It’s no wonder that many food service locations that add a shade structure see the costs recouped within months. Not only will you have more seating available, but new customers will flock to you to have an al fresco dining experience.

Resorts and Hotels

For the resort and hotel, there are a few places where adding a shade structure can be of great use. Adding one to the front entrance, for example, can help ensure that guests have a shaded and rain-free place to bring their bags in before they park their car. Likewise, adding a shade structure to your outdoor areas like a rooftop terrace or pool will help make the space more enjoyable to all your guests.

Auto Dealerships

Buying a new car in the summer can be even more of a hassle as you wander through a hot car lot with the sun beating down on both you and the vehicle. Your customers will appreciate that they can look for cars in the comfort of the shade that protects both them and the valuable merchandise from the weather!


Datum Wholesale Shade Structures are fully welded for superior construction and shipped pre-assembled for fast and simple installation. At Datum, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. At Datum, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial shade structures in the country. Please give us a call at 954-541-9745. You can also follow Datum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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