5 Reasons Why A Commercial Awning Will Benefit Your Business

5 Reasons Why A Commercial Awning Will Benefit Your Business

Commercial Awning

Investing in a commercial awning is a smart idea for your business!

Depending on your industry, shade structures like awnings may or may not be an integral part of your building design. Restaurants, for instance, have long made use of the benefits of awnings. Other businesses can benefit from them too, however. This spring, consider updating the look of your business with a commercial awning, and you could enjoy these five great benefits.

Increased Usable Space

Some businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, make more use of outdoor spaces than others. Commercial awnings make those outdoor spaces more comfortable for your customers and employees by blocking sun and rain. Even non-food businesses sometimes make use of sidewalk space (with a sale or clearance rack to attract attention, for example), and an awning can help protect that product when you do. Finally, the protection of an awning isn’t just for things or people who stay outside. It can be a sheltered place for customers to quickly get out of the rain or snow before they enter your business, or to ready themselves for the weather once they leave.

Improved Visibility

Awnings will also make your storefront more interesting and eye-catching to capture new attention and make it easier for the people who are looking for your business to pick it out from the other storefronts. If your business has multiple locations, branded commercial awnings are a great way to create recognizable uniformity, even if they are in very different buildings.


A commercial awning is a great place to prominently display your brand, colors, and logo. It is a constant way to advertise your business around-the-clock without even trying.


In addition to protecting people or product that you put out on the sidewalk, a commercial awning can also protect items inside the store as well. The sunlight that streams in the window contains UV rays, which can actually cause damage. By blocking these rays, you can protect your furniture, floor coverings, wall details, and even product from sun fading. The protection of an awning will also help you decrease the amount of rain and snow people track into your business, by giving them a place out of the weather to shake umbrellas and brush off coats, before they walk through the door.

Money Savings

All of the sunshine and warmth that the awning blocks can actually translate into saved money for your business during the summer. This is because businesses that have awnings have to spend less on air conditioning since the awning helps keep the building cool. If your commercial awning is retractable, you could close it during the winter so you still get the warming effect of the sun when it best supports your budget.



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