Who Can Benefit From an Aluminum Canopy?

Who Can Benefit From an Aluminum Canopy?

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If your business is in any of the following categories, you should consider installing an aluminum canopy.


Aluminum canopies are a valuable asset for any company, but some businesses in particular can benefit from installing a metal shade structure. Virtually any business with an outdoor area could use an aluminum canopy to shade and protect customers, draw in new business, or increase usable floor space. If your business is in any of the following categories, you should consider installing an aluminum canopy.

  • Loading Docks and Drive-Throughs

If your business routinely sends or receives shipments of goods, an aluminum canopy over your loading dock can help make loading and unloading inventory much easier. With a shade structure over your loading dock, your employees will not have to try as hard to work around rain, snow, or extreme heat. Datum’s aluminum canopies are fully customizable, so you can order a structure that offers maximum coverage at a height that allows trucks to park underneath it. Shade structures are also invaluable for businesses with drive-through windows. Nobody likes to open their car windows in the rain, but aluminum canopies allow customers to use the drive-through in any weather.

  • Residential Buildings

Apartments, condominiums, dormitories, and other large residential complexes often utilize aluminum canopies or awnings to greet guests and residents, provide shade and shelter, and create a branded structure that attracts potential residents. Awnings are especially useful for residential buildings with secure entrances, as visitors can wait beneath a shelter while they wait for their host to let them inside.

  • Storefronts and Restaurants

Businesses with storefront displays can reap many rewards from installing a sunshade. Sun can heat stores with large windows, and sunlight can cause furniture and artwork to fade. Installing an aluminum canopy can keep the interior of your store cool, decreasing cooling costs for your business. Restaurants, bars, and cafes can benefit from shade structures as well. An aluminum canopy can create a welcoming, cool, and sheltered outdoor dining area that increases a business’s usable space while attracting customers with the sights, smells, and sounds of the establishment’s food offerings.

  • Schools, Libraries, and Other Educational Facilities

Aluminum canopies are a popular and vital fixture for buildings in educational settings. Schools and libraries often utilize sunshades near entrances, over tables, and on playgrounds to create outdoor spaces for students and visitors to congregate and keep cool. These spaces are especially important in places that cater to children, as shelters provide a space for kids to wait for transportation, eat lunch, and play regardless of the weather.


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