Commercial and Industrial Uses for Flat Metal Canopies in Wisconsin

Commercial and Industrial Uses for Flat Metal Canopies in Wisconsin

Commercial and Industrial Uses for Flat Metal Canopies in Wisconsin

Consider adding flat metal canopies to your Wisconsin property for shade and shelter.

Although businesses like restaurants, hotels, and shops often have some of the cutest shade structures, they are by no means the only businesses that utilize awnings. Commercial and industrial facilities often feature flat metal canopies for practical reasons. These flat metal canopies can serve a multitude of functions, and durability and polished appearances are key. So whether you run an artisan cheese factory in Chippewa Falls or a massive production facility in Green Bay, consider adding flat metal canopies to your property for shade and shelter.

Use Flat Metal Canopies to Cover Loading Docks

All kinds of commercial and industrial facilities feature loading docks and service entrances. These spaces are crucial for accepting and sending deliveries, unloading vital supplies, and keeping businesses running smoothly. However, Wisconsin’s weather isn’t always conducive to working in open spaces. A large aluminum canopy can shield employees, contractors, and shipments from sunlight, rain, and snow. This allows your team to keep working, even when conditions are less than ideal.

Protect Equipment, Inventory, and Materials with Flat Metal Canopies

Some facilities (including those in manufacturing, agriculture, and construction) feature ample outdoor storage. Things like machines, vehicles, materials, and salable goods might be kept in a supply yard or paved area on-site, but inclement weather can wreak havoc on even the toughest machines. Create a covered area to store your equipment with a flat metal canopy from Datum and enjoy the benefit of greater storage space on your property.

Give Employees a Sheltered Spot to Work and Rest

If this year has shown property managers anything, it’s that sheltered outdoor spaces have value. This is particularly true in places like Wisconsin where the weather isn’t always pleasant. Rain, harsh sun, hail, and snow can turn even the most peaceful outdoor seating areas into places that your staff members will avoid. Your employees and visitors might want a covered area outside to work, sit, or eat. Use a flat metal canopy to cover bus stops, waiting areas, smoking zones, and tables. Your workers will thank you!


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