Preparing Your Ohio Business for an Awning Installation

Preparing Your Ohio Business for an Awning Installation

Preparing Your Ohio Business for an Awning Installation datum wholesale

There are things you should do before your awning is permanently installed.

So, you have decided on the perfect awning for your business and scheduled the installation. But, there are things you should do before your awning is permanently installed. Awnings are large and are attached to your building. So, you need to prepare the area of the installation. Remember to clear away any obstacles or debris since awnings are large structures. Here are a few things you should do before installing an awning on your business.

Ensure Correct Sizing

An awning that is too small will not give you the necessary coverage, and large awnings look awkward. Since the sizing needs to be just right, it is good to arrange a consultation with a professional awning company. They will work with you to ensure the coverage is ideal for your store or restaurant and the final look fits the exterior perfectly.

Clean the Area

If you have your awning installed near the entryway or where customers gather, it is important to clear the area to ensure a smooth installation process. Remove any furniture, merchandise, or other objects so that the installers won’t trip or fall.

Clean Up

Branches hanging over awnings can become a hazard. If trees or bushes are framing your store, you should prune them before installing your new awning. The last thing you want is a branch or limb falling down and damaging the awning. Even if this doesn’t happen, the tree will still shed leaves and other debris onto the canopy over time, requiring more maintenance. Also, be sure that the area where the awning is supposed to be is clean. For example, make sure there’s no mold growth or bees nests near the location.

Mark the Area

This may sound obvious, but sometimes mistakes happen, so clearly indicate the location the awning should be installed with some tape. For example, you can use painters’ tape and put an X on the spot where the awning should go. This will prevent any mishaps when installing your awning.

Get the Necessary Permits

Depending on your location, your city or local permit office may require building permits before installing any new structures. Without a permit, you can face fines and fees from the city or your landlord. You don’t want to go through designing and purchasing an awning just to be told you can’t install it above your business.


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