How to Complete Awning Cleaning

How to Complete Awning Cleaning


How to Complete Awning Cleaning

Today, we’ll be going over awning cleaning tips that will help make your awning look like new again.

Awnings are among the most noticeable features your business may have. They not only provide your property with some extra beauty, but they also make it easier for people to locate your business, and you can use your awning as an effective advertising resource. However, to get the most upside out of your awning, you’re going to need to clean it on occasion. Today, we’ll be going over awning cleaning tips that will help make your awning look like new again.

Use Water and Soap

A little soap and water never hurts when getting awning cleaning done. Just take a little time to scrub off whatever dirt and debris may have gotten onto your awning. It’s better to deal with this early on because leaving dirt and stains on your awning can result in discoloration, not to mention that it can be even tougher to remove stains if you let them rest on your awning for too long.

Clean the Roof of Your Awning if Necessary

Some awnings come with flat roofs, which makes it easier for these roofs to collect dirt. Therefore, part of your awning cleaning routine should include going onto the roof and getting rid of all of the dirt buildup it may have accumulated. You might have to clean your roof from above in order to access certain hard-to-reach spots.

Use a Spray Cleaner

After you have cleaned your awning’s surfaces, you should protect those surfaces with a quality spray cleaner. The chemicals found in spray cleaners are able to break apart stains and prevent future debris buildup from happening.

Use a Hose to Rinse Off Your Awning

Another part of awning cleaning should include using a hose and rinsing off the awning. After that, simply give your awning enough time to dry on its own.

Avoid Scrubbing

If you thought about scrubbing your awning when getting awning cleaning done, we advise you not to do this. Scrubbing your awning could potentially damage it, so we instead recommend you to apply a cleaning solution to your awning’s surfaces. This way, you can get your awning clean without having to use abrasive brushes.



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