Going Green With Aluminum Canopies in Kentucky

Going Green With Aluminum Canopies in Kentucky

Going Green With Aluminum Canopies in Kentucky

Read on to learn more about how aluminum canopies can help Kentucky businesses go green.

Energy efficiency and environmental awareness are important values for many consumers and businesses today. Going green isn’t just limited to reusing bags or eliminating single-use plastics. Business owners who strive to utilize environmentally-conscious business practices must consider how they can reduce waste in every aspect of their operations. For facilities in Kentucky, installing aluminum canopies from Datum can be an excellent first step towards greater energy-efficiency. Read on to learn more about how aluminum canopies can help Kentucky businesses go green.

Aluminum Canopies Can Help Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the most immediate benefits that business owners can see from aluminum canopy installation is a decrease in cooling costs. While large storefront windows can be an excellent way to attract customers and provide a more appealing aesthetic, windows often let sunlight in and trap heat. By shading windows with aluminum canopies, some businesses can see reduced cooling costs and energy usage.

Investing in Long-Lasting Structures Benefits the Environment

One common way for individuals and companies to help protect the environment is to avoid purchasing flimsy, poorly-made, or single-use materials. Things like umbrellas and tents can provide shade, but they often break and must be replaced. Not only does this create more waste for local landfills, but it also means that businesses must purchase replacement shade structures, which in turn uses up more resources than necessary. For every cheap umbrella, consumers must consider the pollutants made and resources used in its manufacture, transportation, and disposal. Investing in long-lasting shade structures allows business owners to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Aluminum is a Well-Recycled Material

Aluminum canopies are long-lasting and can help businesses reduce their energy consumption, but their environmental benefits do not stop there. Aluminum itself is an incredibly recyclable material. Almost seventy-five percent of all aluminum products ever produced are still in circulation today, and producing recycled aluminum takes only ten percent of the energy required to create new aluminum products. Datum’s aluminum canopies are designed to be durable, rust-resistant, and strong enough to provide shade and protection in any weather. For more information on the products we have to offer, contact the team at Datum today!


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