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Our Latest News

An Announcement From Datum

People all over the globe have been struggling to adapt to and overcome the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. In the United States, many state and local governments have issued orders closing non-essential businesses and compelling citizens to shelter in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The facilities at Datum are remaining […]

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3 Reasons for the Rising Popularity of Metal Awnings for Businesses in Ohio

Aluminum canopies have become an incredibly popular option for sun protection and branding for commercial properties in recent years. More and more businesses are investing in aluminum awnings for their offices and storefronts. Other solutions like umbrellas, signs, and fabric canopies work to an extent, but nothing beats the performance and appearance of a sturdy, […]

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Types of Alabama Businesses That Can Benefit From a Commercial Sunshade

Aluminum sunshades are incredibly versatile structures that can add value and function to nearly any property. Whether you choose to install them for weather protection, aesthetic appeal, branding, or a combination of the three, sunshades are an excellent investment for Alabama business owners who are looking to improve their properties. Businesses of all kinds can […]

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