Advertise Your Tennessee Business With a Hanger Rod Awning

Advertise Your Tennessee Business With a Hanger Rod Awning

Advertise Your Tennessee Business With a Hanger Rod Awning

If you are looking for a shade structure that attracts customers and serves your brand, consider choosing a hanger rod awning from Datum for your Tennessee business.

While businesses across the country are closed for the time being, now is an excellent time for Tennessee business owners to plan future building improvements for their commercial properties. A hanger rod awning can serve many purposes for your business, including elevating your brand and advertising your services. If you are looking for a shade structure that also attracts customers and serves your brand, consider installing a hanger rod awning from Datum.

Grab Attention With a Hanger Rod Awning

Whether your store is tucked away in a low-traffic area or nestled in among countless other businesses along a busy stretch of road, an attention-grabbing awning can help attract customers to your establishment. A well-crafted shade structure is eye-catching and functional, giving passersby numerous reasons to stop by your business. An awning can provide shelter from inclement weather, or it can transform your outdoor area into an open-air sales floor or dining space. However you decide to use your new awning, you can rest assured that the visual interest provided by your new structure will attract attention.

Customize Your Structure to Suit Your Brand

One of the most significant benefits of choosing Datum for your new hanger rod awning (aside from our exceptional craftsmanship) is the degree to which our clients can customize their shade structures. Our team will work with you every step of the way to design the perfect awning for your facility. We offer a variety of different body and fascia options, and the customization possibilities do not stop there. You can incorporate colorful shade fabrics into your design, and our powder coatings come in a wide range of colors to suit your brand. You can even embellish your hanger rod awning with your company’s name or logo, creating the ultimate branding tool. When you work with Datum, your customization options are virtually limitless!

Enjoy the Other Benefits of a High-Quality Shade Structure

While many Tennessee business owners appreciate the advertising and branding capabilities of our shade structures, our awnings can also serve a variety of other purposes for your facility. Restaurants, bars, and cafes can utilize our shade structures to create outdoor dining areas, and facilities of all kinds use our canopies to shelter drive-through windows and loading docks. Wherever you decide to install your new hanger rod awning, the team at Datum will work with you to create a stunning and functional structure.


Datum Wholesale Shade Structures are fully welded for superior construction and shipped fully assembled for fast and simple installation. At Datum, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. We serve businesses nationwide, including clients in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and more. At Datum, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial shade structures in the USA. Please give us a call at 954-541-9745. You can also follow Datum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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