Adding Aluminum Louvers to Existing Architecture in Georgia

Adding Aluminum Louvers to Existing Architecture in Georgia

Adding Aluminum Louvers to Existing Architecture in Georgia

Consider these points when working with the team at Datum to design aluminum louvers for your Georgia property.

A building without architectural accents is like a crudely-drawn smiley face; sure, all of the key parts are there, but the design probably lacks nuance and detail that would make its appearance more memorable and well-rounded. Adding aluminum louvers, sunshades, and other architectural accents to your building is like sketching in eyebrows, lips, and facial contours. Installing aluminum louvers on buildings in Georgia is an excellent way to create a stronger sense of design, but incorporating these features into existing architecture requires some planning and thought. When working with the team at Datum to design aluminum louvers for your Georgia property, consider these points.

Why Choose Aluminum Louvers?

If you’re choosing to invest in an aluminum architectural structure for your Georgia property, why should you select aluminum louvers? While our solid-body awnings and canopies with shade fabrics may provide more significant weather protection, aluminum louvers contribute a unique aesthetic element. These arrangements of metal slats can create a sleek, modern look or a timeless elegance that blends seamlessly with older-looking architecture. Although louvers do provide some shade, their appearance is where they truly stand out.

Placing Aluminum Louvers: Accent or Focal Point?

When designing a property’s new aluminum louvers, clients and designers must decide whether they want to create a big, bold focal point or subtle additions that accentuate existing features. There are benefits to choosing one (or both) of these options. Large louvers covering a building’s entrance or walkway can make a strong architectural statement while providing shade. On the other hand, smaller structures above windows, doors, or patios can lend character to a building’s facade and create a dynamic design.

Customizing Louvers With Colors, Finishes, and More

Like all of Datum’s structures, our aluminum louvers are available in various colors, finishes, and fascia options. Our clients can choose from any RAL color, allowing them to find the perfect match for their facility’s exterior. We offer standard and premium powder coating options to ensure that your structure will look stunning in any weather, and our fascia options are just one more way to customize your new louvers. If your Georgia business could use an aesthetic boost, contact the team at Datum!


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