4 Uses for a Metal Canopy in Florida

4 Uses for a Metal Canopy in Florida

4 Uses for a Metal Canopy in Florida

A metal canopy from Datum is an excellent solution for all kinds of Florida properties, providing shade, shelter, and aesthetic appeal.

Florida business owners and property managers are familiar with the challenges associated with humidity and bright sunlight. Faded furniture, overheated guests, and moldy or rusted umbrellas are familiar sights in some places, particularly during the busy summer months. Fortunately, business owners who wish to provide weather protection for their employees and visitors can rely upon something much more durable than a temporary tent or flock of umbrellas. Metal awnings from Datum are an excellent solution for all kinds of Florida properties, bringing shade, shelter, and aesthetic appeal to businesses throughout the state. Here are just a few potential uses for a new metal canopy in Florida:

Protect Diners and Shoppers With a Metal Canopy

In the last year, outdoor dining and shopping have become the norm. This is particularly true for warmer locations like Florida. A durable metal canopy is an incredibly useful addition for restaurants, shops, and all kinds of other businesses in 2021. Incorporating a permanent shade structure is an excellent way to provide protection against rain and sun while people eat, shop, and wait.

Work in Any Weather With a Loading Dock Canopy

A metal canopy can help employees, too. Large metal awnings are popular fixtures on loading docks at grocery stores, malls, and distribution centers. These structures allow employees to load and unload trucks without overheating or getting rained on, and they keep inclement weather from damaging cargo. A metal canopy can help managers ensure that work continues, even in inclement weather that would otherwise bring loading and unloading to a screeching halt.

Give Pedestrians Shade in Front of Libraries, Schools, and Shops

Schools, bus stops, and all kinds of public buildings serve a large number of citizens daily. Pedestrians often wait for busses, wait in line, and otherwise go about their business in front of these buildings. A metal canopy gives passersby the shade and weather protection they need to wait comfortably.

Use a Metal Canopy to Cover Drive Throughs and Loading Zones

With social distancing restrictions in place throughout the country, drive-through service and curbside pickup have become popular alternatives for shopping, banking, and other services. A metal canopy provides shade and weather protection for those loading their vehicles or waiting for service. These structures are also excellent additions for hospitals, hotels, and other facilities with passenger loading zones. No matter your primary goal for your new awning, the team at Datum is standing by to help!


Datum Wholesale Shade Structures are fully welded for superior construction and shipped fully assembled for fast and simple installation. At Datum, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. We serve businesses nationwide, including clients in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and more. At Datum, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial shade structures in the USA. Please give us a call at 954-541-9745. You can also follow Datum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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