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How Pennsylvania Business Owners can Customize a New Metal Canopy

Does your business stand out from the crowd? From Philadelphia and Scranton to Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvanians are known for marching to their own eclectic beat. Pennsylvania business owners demand excellence from their building improvements, and Datum can provide. Our metal canopies are tough enough to handle the frigid Allegheny winters, and they’re fully customizable […]

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4 Uses for a Metal Canopy in Florida

Florida business owners and property managers are familiar with the challenges associated with humidity and bright sunlight. Faded furniture, overheated guests, and moldy or rusted umbrellas are familiar sights in some places, particularly during the busy summer months. Fortunately, business owners who wish to provide weather protection for their employees and visitors can rely upon […]

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How a Metal Canopy Can Keep Pennsylvania Businesses Cool

Things are heating up around the country, and many Pennsylvanians are enjoying the warm weather. As the saying goes, however, you can have too much of a good thing. Oppressive heat and humidity can be unbearable for people and businesses alike. High cooling costs, unusable outdoor seating, and uncomfortable guests and employees are just a […]

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