4 Metal Awning Placement Ideas

4 Metal Awning Placement Ideas

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Here are four placement ideas to help you figure out where to install a Datum metal awning on your commercial property.

If you own a business or storefront that gets a large amount of sun or has a spacious outdoor area, you may be considering a metal awning or shade structure to keep your business cool and protected. Because you can install a Datum shade structure virtually anywhere, your business can utilize a metal awning in many different ways. Here are four placement ideas to help you figure out where to install a Datum metal awning on your commercial property.

1. Shelter a Drive-Through

While some drive-throughs can get by without a metal awning, most customers would agree that a shelter to protect them from rain, sun, and snow is always more than welcome. There is nothing worse than ordering a hot meal at a drive-through having it handed to you covered in rain. Drive-throughs are the perfect spot to install a metal awning because they can benefit greatly from the weather and noise protection that awnings offer.

2. Open Up an Entrance

Many businesses utilize metal awnings above the entrance to their store. Not only can a custom-made awning draw attention to your store and bring you new customers, but it can also allow you to use the space in front of your store as a place to direct queues of customers, display menus for people to peruse as they walk by, or place benches for customer seating. Datum’s metal awnings are perfect for placement above store entrances because they combine beautiful customization options with the strength and durability of prefabricated aluminum.

3. Shade a Storefront Window

If your business has a large storefront window with tables, a display, or space for customers to queue behind it, you should seriously consider installing a shade structure over the window. This is especially crucial if the window gets a large amount of sun. This can make tables more usable, keep your store cool, prevent furniture and art from fading, and invite passersby to stop and peer inside. While most people think of shade structures as purely improving the outside of a business, metal awnings can also make the inside cooler and more comfortable for customers and employees.

4. Shape an Outdoor Seating Area

As we’ve discussed in other posts, Datum’s custom metal awnings are perfect for creating a welcoming and useful outdoor seating or dining area. Not only can an awning protect and cover customers outside, but it can also create more usable space to seat people and draw in potential customers.


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