Why You Should Select Aluminum Canopies Over Steel Ones

Why You Should Select Aluminum Canopies Over Steel Ones

Why You Should Select Aluminum Canopies Over Steel Ones

Read along below as we explain precisely why aluminum canopies are the superior choice over steel ones.

Are you in the market for a new canopy, but unsure whether to go with steel or aluminum for the addition? Look no further, friend! -Well, a bit further, I suppose kindly read along below as we explain precisely why aluminum canopies are the superior choice over steel ones.

Rust-Resistance and Durability!

Steel canopies may be painted to slow down corrosion, but the underlying material still eventually/inevitably rusts, forcing owners to repaint as often as every two or three years. (More like re-pain!) Aluminum, on the other hand, most certainly does not rust, and finished aluminum canopies can last up to six or seven years without showing evident signs of wear and tear. This makes aluminum a durable and cost-effective choice in the long run.

Internal Drainage!

Aluminum canopy systems have an internal drainage system where water slides down the support beams and out small exit points near the ground. This approach has two advantages over steel gutters:


  1. Exposed downspouts can themselves be sources of cumulative damage across the canopy’s lifespan.


  1. Aesthetics being a constant concern, it’s worth noting that internal drainage just plain looks better—more professional, elegant, and modern. -Less sloppy, one might say.

Lightweight and Easy to Install!

Even though aluminum canopies are composed of durable structural members, they’re nonetheless light enough to be installed without heavy-duty equipment. This makes installation simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Professional crews typically need nothing more than building materials and ladders to install aluminum canopy systems, keeping prices down and installation easy.

Uniformly, Reliably Sleek Visual Appearance!

More often than not, sheet metal  is only painted on one side, which tends to make a “finished” canopy look, well, cheap from the second or third floor, even if capable of adequately fooling those at ground level… This is moot with extruded aluminum. Every finished surface is finished and polished to perfection, so whether the viewer is above or below, visual presentation will be the exact same—and fantastic.

Advancements in Aluminum Tech!

Aluminum’s taken some grand steps forward in the last few years as regards utility/durability/customization/etc., making it an even more all-around attractive option nowadays. Such technological advancements have ultimately yielded greater possibilities for more elaborate, intricate builds than were even conceivable two or three years ago. So, whether you’re new to aluminum or haven’t been in the market for a while, this is pretty great news, as you have access to a wide world of options and possibilities.

Closing Thoughts

Point sufficiently made, I believe: aluminum all the way! Remember, we’re always here to help field any questions, offer sound advice, and—of course—get you equipped with a great-looking, long-lasting new canopy whenever you’re ready.


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