Using Powder Coating to Create Durable Aluminum Awnings in Alabama

Using Powder Coating to Create Durable Aluminum Awnings in Alabama

Using Powder Coating to Create Durable Aluminum Awnings in Alabama

Datum’s specialized powder coating protects our aluminum awnings from inclement weather and wear in Alabama.

While the US features plenty of extreme climates, few places present as many challenges to metal structures as Alabama. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and high humidity can wreak havoc on all kinds of materials, and Alabama sees more than its fair share of inclement weather. Datum’s aluminum awnings are crafted to withstand these harsh conditions. The addition of a durable powder coating ensures that each structure can resist the moisture, salt, and extreme temperatures that Alabama has to offer. Read on to learn how an application of specialized powder coating reinforces Datum’s aluminum awnings, making them ideal for Alabama businesses.

Aluminum Awnings Withstand Alabama’s Harsh Weather

While Alabama may not face the extreme cold of places like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, this temperate climate’s high humidity presents a challenge for various outdoor building materials. Wood can rot, and some metals succumb to rust formation over time. Datum’s aluminum awnings are resistant to rust, making them ideal for applications in humid or waterfront environments. Unlike umbrellas and flimsy temporary awnings, aluminum structures are strong enough to handle wind, rain, and snow.

Powder Coating Protects a Business’s Investment

While aluminum is a durable material on its own, Datum pairs each aluminum structure with a high-performance powder coating to preserve its appearance over time. Some finishes can scratch, bubble, or fade over time, but our standard powder coating meets the AAMA 2604 specification requirements. We also offer premium coating options for even greater protection. A robust finish can help preserve the appearance and integrity of any aluminum awning in the face of salt spray, humidity, and erosion, and our powder coating options are designed to keep our clients’ canopies beautiful and protected in any weather.

Customizing Aluminum Awnings With Bold Color

Our clients can choose from our standard and premium coating options to meet their facility’s specific needs. Still, we offer a variety of other customization options to make each Datum awning truly unique. While clients can choose from ten standard powder coat colors, we also offer finishes in any RAL color to match a business’s branding or existing architecture. Many clients choose to incorporate shade fabrics for an additional burst of color and texture. Our designers are standing by to help business owners create functional and aesthetically pleasing aluminum awnings that can withstand Alabama’s harsh conditions.


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