Uses for Metal Architectural Structures in South Carolina

Uses for Metal Architectural Structures in South Carolina

Uses for Metal Architectural Structures in South Carolina

Places like hospitals, schools, factories, and more can use metal architectural structures for a number of different reasons.

Businesses and facilities of all kinds can use Datum’s metal canopies to boost their brand and shield their visitors from the sun. Still, there are a few unique uses for these architectural structures that some folks might not think about. Places like hospitals, schools, factories, and more can use metal architectural structures to improve visitor experiences, encourage safety, and operate during a wider variety of weather conditions. Here are some unique uses for metal architectural structures and how they can benefit businesses in South Carolina.

Create a Drop-Off Zone for Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, and More

Places like schools, libraries, hospitals, and hotels often have loading or drop-off zones near their front entrances. These are incredibly important, as they help minimize the distance that folks with luggage, small children, or serious illnesses must walk to enter the building. Datum’s metal canopies are the perfect addition to any drop-off zone. Not only do they highlight the area for drivers and passersby, but they also protect your patrons from inclement weather as they are entering or exiting your building. Many loading zones utilize a canopy of some sort, and Datum’s high-quality aluminum shade structures are ideal for use in these applications.

Add a Protective Metal Architectural Structure to Your Loading Dock or Drive-Through

Another common use for shade structures is as a protective covering for loading docks and drive-throughs. Whether you run a distributing hub for a multinational corporation or a single drive-through coffee shack in a small town, Datum’s metal architectural structures are excellent at providing protection from rain, snow, and extreme sun. This coverage is essential on loading docks that deal with heavy machinery, trucks, and large payloads. Slippery or excessively hot conditions in these settings can cause severe safety problems. While drive-throughs do not typically have such high stakes, protection from the elements provides a better experience for your customers.

Choose Datum for Aluminum Sunshades in South Carolina

As South Carolinians know, high humidity can wreak havoc on many types of architecture. Wood can rot and swell, some metals are prone to rust, and inferior paints and finishes can crack and peel. The experts at Datum know this too, which is why our architectural structures are built with high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum. We use powder coatings that meet the requirements of the AAMA 2604 specification, and we offer premium coatings that are even more durable. When you purchase a sunshade for your South Carolina property, you should invest in a product that you can trust. Contact the team at Datum to learn more about our offerings today.


Datum Wholesale Shade Structures are fully welded for superior construction and shipped pre-assembled for fast and simple installation. At Datum, we save time and cost on projects of all types and sizes. We serve businesses nationwide, including clients in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Virginia, and more. At Datum, you’re in business immediately with the No. 1 manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial shade structures in the USA. Please give us a call at 954-541-9745. You can also follow Datum on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Houzz, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter!

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