Comparing Awnings With Canopies

Comparing Awnings With Canopies

Comparing Awnings With Canopies

Read on to learn all about the similarities and differences between awnings and canopies.

Awning and canopies have many similarities, but they are still different structures. If you were planning on getting one for your business, it’s important to acknowledge these distinctions so that you know which one to get for your property. So what makes these two types of shade structures different from each other? Read on to learn all about the similarities and differences between awnings and canopies.

What are Awnings?

An awning is a type of shade structure that can be installed on either a residential or commercial property with the purpose of either providing shade beneath windows and doors or covering up an open area. Typically the walls of the building are what support an awning, which means that an awning is a permanent investment to your property.

Aside from providing your building with extra shade and aesthetic appeal, an awning can also help you reduce the money you spend on air conditioning and heating. This is because awnings can help shield your building against adverse weather conditions. The best thing about awnings is that they still allow your building to get natural light while providing it with all of this protection.

What are Canopies?

Canopies serve to cover larger open areas, not unlike a roof. Usually, you’ll find canopies being used at various outdoor events like open air markets, allowing customers and vendors alike to have the shade they need. Keep in mind that canopies do not offer the same kind of temperature control as an awning offers. Because canopies cover larger spaces, contrary to awnings, you typically need support beams to hold them up. In addition to this, canopies also tend to serve as standalone structures instead of being attached to your building. This gives you a little more flexibility when deciding where to get it installed. It also means that canopies don’t have to be a permanent investment for your property.


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